Friday, January 30, 2009

We made a difference YEHHHHH!

CPSIA: We have made a difference
WE MADE A DIFFERENCE!!!!BIG NEWS: Official Word - 1 yr stay from testing and certification items must still be under the lead level however.RETAILERS EXEMPT: CPSC Todd A. Stevenson, Dire Office of the Secretary has asked that retailers be exempt from the final enforcement. That only the manufacturers could get fined REFORM: Sen DeMint has asked for reform Component test 2. Exempt resale, goodwill, yard sales 3. No retroactive 4. CPSC to provide guideAll of these still need a vote but it is HUGE. We have to keep fighting. Even if we get the 1 yr stay we need to fight for component testing, xrt testing, and exceptions for materials that are lead free.It feels so good to know we have made a difference by making our c=voices heard! Thank you all for helping us fight this battle.

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