Thursday, January 22, 2009

Save your handmade items from CPSC / CPSIA

If you are one of the many people who like something original or high quality not from the usual big brand retailer; please take note... our rights to make decisions as to what to purchase for our children is about to be taken away because of an ill thought out act. The CPSIA will come into effect Feb. 10th and will put standards on small business and WAHMS that will then have to shut their doors. Please help us get the message to congress that this is not ok and we the people will not accept their lack of planning and thought prior to signing it.


Antoinette Newhouse
Designer & Owner Three Peas Co.
Urban chic apparel, accessories and boutique items to compliment your lifestyle

Three Peas Co. Lifestyle is a combination of urban chic with todays modern child in mind. Every little girl boy and women deserve boutique quality handmade items.

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