Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did J.Lo really Wear That Outfit?

Style is always something on a celebrities mind when it comes to performances, awards shows and when they are going to be seen in the spotlight or caught on camera.

Since launching Three Peas Co. in 2008, we have styled many gorgeous celebrity babies, toddlers, teens and ladies. Never in my right mind would I have ever recomended to an A-List client to wear an outfit that lacks such taste let alone made their famous attribute look saggy!  This is seriously a breakdown in client stylist relationship for sure.
As a red carpet specialist, I take pride in making sure my client not only gets press for looking fabulous but ensure that their attributes are complimented as well.

You are probably asking yourself, how would I have done it better or how did her stylist flub on such a level? This has got to be one of the easiest celebrities to dress. How could they have got it so wrong? The unfortunate look is defining her career as washed up and an attempt to save it.

So here is my style recommendation: first would be a structured look that complimented her figure. A slender pant and vest. Next would be color; JLo has amazing skin color and would be able to make an unforgetable statement with color instead of a flabby rear. Fuschia, magenta, red, anything but a nude/black body stocking.

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