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Stop the Perez! What’s Chelsea saying lately? Wendy Williams also had to comment about Three Peas Co


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Stop the Perez! What’s Chelsea saying lately? Wendy Williams also had to comment about Three Peas Co young Hollywood Celebrities wearing the brand.

February 5, 2010, Ventura, California, -- Perez Hilton started a firestorm on his new fashion blog by inserting his unfounded comments on the clothing that Noah Cyrus and BFF Emily Grace Reaves have been seen wearing, calling the soon to be launched tutu influenced line “children's lingerie collection”. These comments have put fuel on the fire for others to add their commentary including Chelsey Lately and Wendy Williams along with a host of online bloggers.

Perez Hilton and others have used pictures of Noah & Emily wearing Three Peas Co “tutus” and “pettiskirt dresses” from a variety of premiers and events to make their unfounded comments. To set the record straight, the line is being launched by our friends Ooh! La, La Couture as a collaboration with Emily Grace Reaves only. Noah Cyrus is in no way involved w/ the creation of the line. Like Three Peas CO, the "Emily Grace Collection" by Ooh! La, La Couture is trendy and sweet that any girl (and mom) would be proud to wear.

Three Peas Co has created attention attracting children through teen boutique clothing that has a stylistic edge that sets the clothing apart from your mass market clothing retailers. Chief designer Antoinette Newhouse describes her design influence for collections as funky, colorful and most importantly fun clothes that girls and boys can wear any day of the week. “Fashion should be fun and expressive for kids who have limited clothing options from the mass merchant options” stated Antoinette who sites Betsy Johnson as a major influence.

Three Peas Co offers a variety of clothing including: tutus, pettidresses, pillowcase dresses, infant onesies, ruffle bottom pants, T-shirts, boy overalls, hoodies, hats and hair bow accessories. The styles can be purchased directly at and selected retailers.

About Three Peas Co.

Founded in 2008 Ventura, California, Three Peas Co. Apparel Company is a growing trend setter in the design, sourcing, marketing and distribution of infant through teen specialty, boutique and couture apparel and accessories. The company has developed cutting edge designs that have attracted the attention of young Hollywood who frequently adorn the clothing for print advertising, film, red carpet premiers and events. To learn more about Three Peas Co., please visit the company’s website at

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