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Keana Texeira wears ThreePeasCo. for Whosluna Book Cover

Thee Peas Co apparel lands New Teen Vampire Book Cover

Feb 25, 2010 – "Beauty is the Beast", the book cover for the highly anticipated teen vampire thriller, "Soulstice: Luna's Dream" was revealed to eNassau Coliseum in New York last weekend. The stunning cover features a “one of a kind” Three Peas Co couture gown designed by Antoinette Newhouse. Based on the screenplay of the upcoming motion picture, "Soulstice: Luna's Dream" was co-written by 15-year old singer/actress Keana Texeira, slated to star as the lead character, Luna Tremaine in the film.

"Soulstice: Luna's Dream" chronicles the saga of 15-year old vampire Luna Tremaine, set in the sleepy coastal town of Crescent City, CA. Yet the similarities to other vampire stories end there.

Commissioned to design the gown, designer Antoinette Newhouse met with lead character Keana Texeira and T2PR (Publicist for Book & Movie) to develop creative direction for the gown that would emulate the character. Antoinette then researched for vintage ball gown designs that she could turn into a one of kind piece. Material used was vintage lace, sumptuous satin and chiffon to create the look for the character, Luna Tremaine.

"The person on the cover is the one that inspired the helped complete it and take it to a whole other level. Images inspire writers and your work with Keana is what inspires. You take what is inside and bring it out” Lance Dow, co-author & screenwriter of Soulstice said about Three Peas Co designer Anoinette Newhouse.

The one of kind couture dress further enhanced the lead character who is the first female vampire to believe in God. "Soulstice: Luna's Dream" chronicles the saga of 15-year old vampire Luna Tremaine, set in the sleepy coastal town of Crescent City, CA. Yet the similarity to other vampire stories ends there. The story follows Luna as she enters into puberty, peer pressure, bullying, faith, the thrill of a first love, sibling rivalry, and other real-life issues a teenager (vampire or human) has to face everyday. "Put Bella Swan and Laura Croft together at 15, that would be Luna" says Lance Dow, co-author & screenwriter of the film.

The story climaxes with an action-packed fight scene between Luna and her bestfriend Lily Burgoyne, against their adversaries "The Killer Bees", a trio of bullying cheerleader vamps. "The book and movie were written so tweens & teens are able to relate to it based on personal life experiences they go through being a teenager. It debunks what most people believe about vampires and will definitely bring a fresh perspective on the genre. The fight scene ending, brought about when the "Bees" set sites on killing Luna's love, 16-year old human, Paul James, promises to be of shocking and epic proportions" promises Dow.

Filming for the movie begins this summer. "Soulstice: Luna's Dream", the first book in the saga will be released April 1st, 2010. Three more books, "BITTERSWEET REQUIEM", "ASCENSION", and "AT DREAM'S END" are set to follow.

Celebrating the first book and to coincide with the upcoming prom season will be the release of the soundtrack song and Keana's new single, "Luna's Dream" available on iTunes in late March.

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