Friday, December 18, 2009

Texas School Suspends Taylor Pugh for Long Hair - Sphere News

Looking to the news for this mornings current events, I stummbled across this ridiculous story of a little boy being suspended for having what the district he lives in refers to as long hair.

Wow, the first thing that comes to mind is that my own son would be kicked out of this school. He too has long surfer hair!

Aside from long hair, the little boy is planning to donate his hair to the cancer society. In a perfect world we would honor this child for his foresight and compassion for others.
Sadly not only has this school suspended him but has put him on a in school isolated suspension where he is not allowed to play with his friends.

This story also is dear to me in that my own son is very attached to his hair. At 4 years old he is into the surfer look and has cried when we attempted to go to the salon for just a trim. My husband and I completly support him, his style choice and desire to have "long hair."

The other interesting part is that many years ago, for a short time I lived in the very district referred to in this article and got in minor trouble. Being originally from CA, I was not aware that it was mandatory to wear nylons under your dresses in Texas Schools, I was non-compliant and sent home to change. Differences I guess!

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Texas School Suspends Taylor Pugh for Long Hair - Sphere News

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