Thursday, August 6, 2009

Noah Cyrus wearing Three Peas Co. for her red carpet arrival to the Teen Choice Awards Pre Party

Three Peas Co. Lifestyle is a combination of urban chic with todays modern child in mind. Every little girl boy and women deserve boutique quality handmade items.


Anonymous said...

@Three peas co.:
hey three peas, your clothes are cute for little kids, but noah cyrus is should make wiser choices about who you want to model your things, cause this kid needs to stay behind the's a hint-- pick a child that is actually attractive to look at in the face, instead of brown nosing miley cyrus and lying to the poor unfortunate looking kid Noah Cyrus and telling her she is "beautiful" that is the biggest crock of sh*t. of course yuor ilk is from hollywood, so that whole town is full of bs, so i am sure you fit right in. said...

Three Peas Co. received a very disturbing comment on our blog regarding Noah Cyrus as our model and would like to respond to the anonymous labeled issue.

Three Peas Co did not pay, brown nose as stated by an anonymous sender or even ask for Noah Cyrus to wear our products; to her red carpet arrival for teen choice awards pre-party. (However happy that she did)

In respect to her being a model for Three Peas Co., by luck of red carpet arrival photographers as well as our own photographer Lesley Bryce, who with us attended the event, we have many gorgeous pictures of her wearing our clothing. If the opportunity was given to us we would be honored and grateful if she chose us to model for Three Peas Co. as a result.

Excited and delighted would describe our feelings to have her choose to wear our layered pettiskirt with tank top and believe it looked youthful and chic on her.

It is hard for us to understand one part specifically in the disturbing comments; why in the world would some anonymous person say such awful things (which I will not repeat) about a child that you not only do not know but are completely not true information about her.

We have personally spent time with Noah and find her to be a very cute, affectionate, sweetly precocious as well as a talented child. Please check your information before you spout off inappropriate comments about the children we adore.

Rather you like Noah, the Cyrus Family or not, we at Three Peas Co. are very happy to be chosen by her for her apparel and hope to dress her in the near future.

Our hope for this response is that whomever is unhappy with our choice to have Noah apart of Three Peas Co. which was actually a surprise to us; is able to look at himself in the mirror to see what happened in their life to make them so miserable that they need to pick on a 9 year old little girl to feel accomplished. Shame on you; who looks to hurt others for your inadequacies and lack of self confidence.

Our deepest apologies to Noah and her family, for the disrespectful and inappropriate comments made about her on our blog by an anonymous reader.