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1 million play yards recalled due to faulty latch

1 million play yards recalled due to faulty latch
Side rails can collapse unexpectedly, resulting in at least one concussion
About 1 million play yards have been recalled because the side rail can fail to latch properly. A child who pushes against it could fall.
The play yards are sold under the brand names of Kolcraft, Carter's, Sesame Street, Jeep, Contours, Care Bear and Eric Carle. They're manufactured in China, Spain and Italy and distributed by Kolcraft Enterprises Inc. of Chicago.
The company has received 347 reports of play yards' sides collapsing, resulting in 21 injuries, including a concussion, as well as bumps, scrapes and bruises.
The play yards were sold online as well as by Babies R Us, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Target and other stores around the country between January 2000 and January 2009.
The play yards were produced between December 2000 and July 2008 and sold for between $49 and $160.
Those who have a recalled play yard can order a retrofit kit. For more details, call 866-594-4208 or visit the Web sites or
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Safety Notification
Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot or certain rectangular playyards manufactured by Kolcraft and sold under the Carter’s, Sesame Street, Jeep, Contours, Care Bears or Eric Carle brand names.
Hazard: Kolcraft is voluntarily recalling about 984,000 infant play yards. The play yards side-rails can sag posing a fall hazard to a child placed in the play yard.
Injuries Reported:Bumps, scrapes, bruises and one possible concussion.
Model Number Affected by Brand Name: Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot18709-BH, 18709T-BH, 18709T-DV, 18709-NF, 18709T-NF, 18710-BE, 18711T-BD, 18711T-BE, 18713T-LB, 18714T-WD, 18714-WD, 18724T-SQ, 18725-CG, 18725T-FF, 18730T-BZ, 18730T-HJ, 18731-DV, 18731T-BZ, 18733-CU, 18733T-CU, 18734T-DV, 18744-BL, 18751T-BZ, 18751T-CU, 18751-DV, 18751T-DV, 18910-MQ, 18910T-EB, 18910T-LN, 18920-OW, 18925-GS, 18925-LA, 18931-EZ, 18931T-DV, 18931T-PV, 18933T-CU, 18934-SW, 18934-DV, 18935T-UT, 18935-CH, 18942-EC, 18945T-CT, 18945T-ER, 18946-AR, 18950-GV, 18950T-GV, 18951T-DV, 18951T-GS, 18951T-MO, 18960-KK, 18960T-PP, 18961-AR, 18961T-AR, 18961-CT, 18961T-CT, 18961-PP, 18961T-GF, 18961T-RV, 18962-AX, 18962T-FZ, 18962-OQ, 18962T-ZT, KP001-BND, KP013-BPA, KP013-HGF, KP013-JFR, KP013-NRB, KP013-PPL, KP014-JGY, KP015-BPA, KP015-JFR, KP016-OW, KP027-JGX Carter’s Lennon Travelin’ Tot18740-UE, 18740T-UE, 18736T-LJ, 18737-LJ, 18737T-LJ, 18726-KA, 18726T-HM Sesame Beginnings Travel Playards22361-VT, SP001-SBK, SP004-SBKJeep Travel Playards55200-JC, 55220-JC, 55225-JC, 55225T-JC, 55235-JC, 55237-JQ, 55237T-JQ, 55237-XC, 55237-XV, 55237T-XB,55770-XA, 55770-XI, 55772-XE, 55773-XY, JP002-XSPContours Playards18604-OC, ZP001-MON, ZP001-MYS, ZP003-MAL, ZP004-MALCare Bears18960-KKEric Carle Playard with Activity Gym18763-EK, 18763T-EK
Number of Units Recalled: 984,000
Date Produced: December 2000 – July 2008
Retail Price: $ 49 - $159.99 US Dollars
Solution: If you own an affected play yard, immediately stop using it and contact Kolcraft to receive a free repair kit.
To order your retrofit kit, contact Kolcraft Customer Service:

Or Call:
In the US & Canada Call: Outside USA:

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