Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spring Fling with Celebrity Chitt

Celebrity Chitt Honors Five of Hollywood's Favorite Celebrity MothersA-list moms are gifted loads of Spring Fling swag

May 15, 2009 - Hollywood, CA Entertainment marketing firm, Celebrity Chitt, created a huge gift collection for five of Hollywood's favorite working moms. The heaping high,loaded swag gift boxes were dubbed "Spring Fling". Among the recipients of the Spring Fling Swag included A-listers: Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Camila Alves and Jennifer Garner. Each celebrity mom was gifted with unique, custom loads of surprises especially for themselves and their celeb-babes and celeb-tots.
The Spring Fling Swag consisted of awesome surprises and fancy treats such as:
Three Peas Company's tutus with matching hair bows and/or black skull appliqued tanks, tees or onesies with matching hats (
Pixie Bows' awesome variety of hair accessories including flower clips, felt clips and baby snaps (
Purple Alex's assorted collection of infant headwear (
Magic Pumpkins & Faery Dust's pixie slippers, crowns, stuffed mouse with unique clothing (
Rebecca Raggs' fine childrens apparel (
Baby Banz baby and kids banz sunglasses - the ultimate in children's sun protection (
Rejoice Home Body and Spa's custom, natural gift sets for mom and baby (
Lollitops' beautiful, boutique style hats that convert into purses (
Jilly's Cupcake Bar's yummy Jilly Jar cupcakes, tons of flavors, each stuffed with delightful surprises (
Board Book Albums' chunky photo albums which are great for celeb-babes and celeb-tots since the pages do not bend or tear (
For information on any of the products gifted in the Spring Fling, please contact Celebrity Chitt via the company’s web site at: or toll free at: 866-936-2448.


Celebrity Chitt is a brand and product marketing firm with niche appeal in the entertainment industry. The company designs swag bags, baskets and gift collections for celebrities, charity, VIP events and other high profile affairs. Celebrity Chitt and Seeing Doubles sponsors would be honored to provide products for editorial consideration and/or for giveaways. For prizes, samples, images and/or for media interviews, please contact Madison Chile at: 866-936-2448 or email:
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