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CPSIA will not effect us outlaws

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Three Peas Co Vows Not to Let CPSIA Affect Business
February 1st, 2009 Posted by Susan Email to a friend Posted in: CPSIA
[This is another in a series of posts by Susan Maphis covering the impact of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). For more information about the CPSIA, read Susan's previous article: The End Of Handmade and sign up for her CPSIA Alerts Mailing List ]
One children’s product company has vowed to become “outlaws with a conscience” and not let the CPSIA affect its business. Michael Newhouse of Three Peas Company, which carries a line of children’s apparel combining urban chic with today’s modern child, says, “We know our products are safe and will continue to forge on developing high quality boutique clothing with a ton of style.”
Three Peas Company started in January 2008 as two moms making hairbows for their daughters, because they did not like the product offerings that they were finding at the mass merchants, mall stores and boutiques. As their children were seen wearing the bows, the mothers started to received compliments and inquiries as to where they purchased the bows. These questions eventually lead to the start of Three Peas Co.
With an overwhelming demand and time constraints, one of the moms left the company, and Antoinette Newhouse continued to build the company with the assistance of her husband, Michael. The official launch for Three Peas Co. was in June 2008, and the line quickly grew form Hairbows to Onesies, Tutus, T-shirts and now includes a growing boys line.
“Three Peas Co is dedicated to our children and the children, grandchildren, friends children etc around the world that we have been privileged to provide clothes that bring a smile,” Michael Newhouse says. “We in no way would support vendors that could have potential harmful lead, chemicals or dangers with their clothes. We only order high quality material that we would use for our children. We support the founding principles of CPSIA to protect our kids, but the fundamentals of implementation are critically fouled.”
[ For more information about the CPSIA, read Susan's previous article: The End Of Handmade]

Three Peas Co. Lifestyle is a combination of urban chic with todays modern child in mind. Every little girl boy and women deserve boutique quality handmade items.

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